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today: Wednesday 21.02.2018

Why do we now Shop Online and not instore?

shop-onlineOver recent years we have seen a huge increase in online purchases for almost all industries but mainly high street retail shops and brands.
The Internet has changed the way we buy our products or even browse the shops, so much so that many High Street Shopping chains have now found themselves in a bad situation and are looking into closing their shop and creating 1,000′s of redundancies. With an ever increasing “boom” in online shopping the question has to be asked!

Why do many of us turn to the web when browsing or buying products?

Here is a list of the reasons we think are the most popular reasons for many thousands of internet users making their purchases online rather than in-store.

Better Prices:
Internet Retailers are able to offer better prices than in-store as they have less overheads (less staff, lower bills etc..), it enables the online retailer to ship products directly from the manufacturer which cuts out costs. This allows them to push out the high street retail shops by reducing their prices to a point where the retailers cannot compete.
With the cost of living on the increase many people are now turning to online resources to help save money and given the choice of different prices for exactly the same product is a no brainer.

No traffic jams, no children running wild in the isles, no waiting in queues!
The idea of being able to do your shopping on your sofa with your slippers on is obviously a great concept and one of the main reasons that many of us prefer to checkout online rather than in the stores, supermarkets etc. This gives us the opportunity to do our shopping when we want and without even needing to leave the comfort of our own homes.

Compulsive Buys:
Many people tend to buy things that they don’t actually need or had any intention of buying in the first place when they shop in-store, either down to shop keepers up selling or advertisements in-store for new products or discounted products. A lot, if not all of this is distinguished when you shop through the internet.

Shopping Online gives users the opportunity to purchase items in private, say for birthday gifts, christmas presents etc. Also purchasing online can give users the ability to purchase private items like underwear and such without the chance of embarrassment.

Web Design:

With these reasons you can understand why many people now shop online and why your business needs to be given the chance to display your products to these online shoppers with your own ecommerce website.