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Link Building

Link Building is currently by far one of the most important factors to be considered when looking into SEO for your website. Without this all other efforts could be for nothing and your website could maybe never reach desired rankings online.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is a method used to allow search engines to see your website through natural links from other websites to yours. This enhances your chances of being indexed and also give Google and other Search Engines the opportunity to identify your website as one that could perhaps be popular due to other sites linking to you. Commonly thought of as like a voting system for websites – link building is like other websites voting for your website online by displaying a link to you.

Why do i need need Links?

link buildingAs mentioned previously – link building is like a voting system and so we can assume that that if your site has no links therefore – no votes!
If we take an example of website “A” vs website “B” both with similar content and both supplying the same product/service and both have been fully on-site optimised we can draw an easy assumption of how we would see these rank after link building.
Lets say “A” has 100 links and “B” has no links then if we searched for a keyword that both sites should rank for then Search Engines would have to figure out between the 2 sites which it should display first. If both sites have been optimised correctly and both should have the top spot then the only conclusion if to see how popular “A” is as opposed to “B” – we can see now that “A” would get the top spot due to the link popularity it has.

Your Competitors will use link building techniques to get a better position above yours and so that’s why you would have to use links to compete against them.

Our Link Building Techniques

With years of experience in this industry we are experts in Link Building aswell as Web Design, SEO and we use this knowledge to help our clients to outweigh their competition.
We use methods that provide natural and high quality back links to your site from verified sources and reputable websites that will encourage search engines to define your website as authority when it comes to online searches within your industry and your chosen targeted keywords within your site.
We provide high page rank back links from sources such as blogs, authority websites, .edu domains and more. These kind of links are not only high quality but we also ensure that these links are from relative resources (related to your industry). The reason we provide relative links is that Google and other search engines will identify your website to be associated with the industries of the websites that link to you and so give your website more authority within your business sector.