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SEO, Social Media & Promotion

One of the many major factors in Online Marketing is the need to market your website in the right areas for your industry and location.
There are also other credentials like whether you want to target commercial or residential users with the online community.

Many companies who gain an online presence will utilise the local area that they work from to get instant traffic and potential sales from their website and this may work for some people however long term it may not work for others.


Search Engine Optimisation:

There are 2 main methods in which we provide SEO for your website:

On site SEO:
Work is carried out within the pages of your website to ensure that your site conforms to the correct layout, script language and coding for it to be Search Engine Friendly.
We thoroughly research both your website and your competitors online to see where best to implement the changes needed to gain the best results within the search engines.

We will also make changes to the text content within your pages to gain a greater consistency of keywords within your site and use our expert methods to increase the size and content of your website.

Off Site SEO:
This is really the most important of these 2 methods of SEO and are essential in achieving the best results in Search Engines.
We will do every thing we can to ensure things that can be done on other websites to help your site rank well in search engines are done, with the focus on Google.


Pay Per Click has been a huge part of online promotion for a large portion of the life of internet marketing. On the Ball Marketing have the ability to create bespoke online pay per click accounts to suit your business with the focus on results, positioning and brand awareness – and again results!
All of our website package come with a free Google adwords voucher that can be used to purchase clicks that have the potential to turn into a customer.

social1Social Media
Social Media is a huge part of online marketing and can be utilized to benefit your business.

Part of creating a combined social media and SEO online promotion strategy includes keeping up to date with changes with the online industry and keeping website content current and up to date. The relevancy of content on your site and social media updates or searches from users will also help your online presence to grow.

All of our Online Marketing Packages are tailored and Bespoke so please get in contact with us if you wish to discuss your website optimisation requirements further.